Sidestepping the Power Struggle

From Practical to Profound

Do you want to get out of the nagging trap? Are you tired of your kids not listening? Are you wanting to go deeper with parenting? If you can't come to a LIFE Seminar, now you can bring Allison and the LIFE Team into your home. You can try chapter one which is a course in itself or jump in and sign up for the entire course. Each class is over a 60 minute video along with the complete book!
Sidestepping the Power Struggle

Chapter 1: I Gotta Be Me

Your Child's Temperament

This chapter covers every trait and all the challenges and strategies to go with them.  Parents love it.

Chapter Two: Tell Me It's a Stage

Four Categories of Behaviour

In this section, we will consider some of the areas of child development that give parents the most difficulty, and some of the behaviours which bewilder and frustrate mom and dad to the point of wanting to retire early from their job as parents.  We have problems with our child’s behavior when he is either too dependent or too independent for our liking.  We agonize over the actions of our child when he shows signs of being unaware of other people’s feelings and handles his own feelings in destructive or immature ways.  
And we find ourselves questioning our own modelling when our child doesn’t measure up to our moral standards.  This clip is a younger example, but we cover all ages including teens.

Chapter 3: Taming the Triggers

Temptation is one Trigger

Antecedent management is your most important parenting tool.  Many people rely on consequences which can often be unfair and set kids up for failure.  This chapter covers really important points including looking at family patterns.

Text & media

How to win some cooperation!

Text & media

A clip on naggingChapter Five : The Heart of Discipline

This chapter helps you identify what you might be doing to create resistance in your kids.  It also introduces the idea of limits that matter and that need consistency and things you can hand over to the kids.  This chapter is FULL of really useful strategies and present a model that both parents can work from (together or separated).

Chapter Six: Love, Limits and Consequences

Following Through

There are times when we need to follow through but do consequences work?  What do we do?  What don't we do?  When?  It's confusing!  Get answers.

Chapter Seven: Act Your Age

When do they grow some moral values?

Many of the problems we experience with our children come simply from their immaturity.  Let’s face it, children (including teens) are immature – and why shouldn’t they be, frustrating though it is for us?  In this section, we shall consider the child’s immaturity in terms of understanding the world, using his intellectual capacity, and developing values and moral behaviour.

Social proof: testimonials

“Dr. Allison Rees and her partner, Dr. Alison Miller - (Clinical Psychologist), have an advice column, a website and loads of speaking engagements, plus Rees also does a radio show. Thousands of people have taken their courses, and I was keen to see if one would live up to the hype..... Rees gives us lectures, chock full of funny, real-life examples, while the leaders acted out hokey skits to illustrate her message." Each week I went away with new perspectives and techniques. The bottom line: A multi-week course, run by a seasoned, educator and professional therapist quickly becomes personal." Seven weeks into the course, I made a herculean effort to "let go" of what I learned is a "kid issue," and gave my daughter choices. While expecting to learn ways to control my children's behaviour, I was surprised to find most of the material focused on changing my behaviour. Fortunately, Rees, a guru of parent education in Victoria, has perfected a method of parlaying this information in a humorous way.”

Author's nameToday's Parent: T.K. DemmingsAuthor's nameToday's Parent: T.K. Demmings

“There are so many fantasies about being a parent, the greatest one being that we will naturally know what to do. When my friends and I have attended the LIFE Seminars we are always surprised by the amount we really learn about our kids, and I leave with tools that make me a better parent. This course blows the lid off of parenting; it gives us true insight into the way our kids think, and helps us to understand the dynamics of families, and challenges us to work through our weaknesses rather than ignore them.”

Silken Laumann, Canadian Olympic rowerSilken Laumann, Canadian Olympic rower

“Testimonials from a recent event put on by Child Care Resource & Referral “Excellent information, well presented…funny and open.” “Sometimes it feels no matter what one says or does is wrong! She gives one a new perspective. ” “Love her, I feel like she’s been in my house. Would love to hear more from her.” “I learned different words to use with kids. I want more, time flew by.””


“Comments from teachers and EAs, School District 63 “Allison Rees is a capacity in her field. I always learn so much from her sessions.” “Allison Rees was fantastic! I would love to hear more seminars by her. She was a great speaker, engaging, funny and super knowledgeable.” “I have heard about Allison from colleagues and she did not disappoint. She is engaging and interesting.” “Allison is a good and loving presenter. She is easy to hear and understand. If we had more time I would like to have small groups to practice techniques.” ”

Teachers and Ea's School District 63Teachers and Ea's School District 63